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Association Caritative Belge Re-Naissance a.i.s.b.l.

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History of The Belgium Charity

The Rogalevich Charity was founded in Moscow in May 2005 in remembrance of Nastya Rogalevich, a girl, whom we were not able to help because of lack of time. The Belgium volunteers joined the Charity in November 2005, so in December 2006 The Belgium Rogalevich Charity was registered.

Thanks to the Charity, almost 40 children got a chance to survive during the next five years. The volunteers raised money for thesurgeries and annual postsurgical examination, assisted in handling legal issues (such as paperwork for transplantation abroad, and, if needed, they made their best efforts to obtain visas). The children were operated in Russia and Belgium (in our country liver transplantation in children started in 1997, and the first living-related transplantation of the liver for a baby (with the body weightless than 12 kg) was performed in March 2004).

In May 2010, The Russian Rogalevich Charity was liquidated after merging with the Charity Project “Zhizn’ Kak Chudo” (Life as a Miracle) ( The Belgium Rogalevich Charity resumed its cooperation with the Fund. Since January 1st, 2014 The Belgium Rogalevich Charity was liquidated by changing its status to an international charity and its title to The Renaissance Belgium Charity (Association Caritative Belge Re-Naissance a.i.s.b.l.).

For 16 years of the Charity’s operation 200 and more families were favoured, 120 fundraising project were organized and implemented in cooperation with the other funds and volunteers for different kinds of surgeries and rehabilitations for a total amount of EUR 11, 000,000.00.

Our Charity renders informational support, assists in preparation of the medical profiles, and arranges fundraising for the patients with the serious liver diseases. In co-operation with the Association of the Russian Schools we annually organise for our small patients a party with the Father Frost and The Snow Maiden.

Also, jointly with The Belgium Charity “Zhizn Kak Chudo” we assist in arranging of the traineeships for the Russian and Ukrainian doctors in Belgium. 21 traineeships for the doctors from these countries (paediatricians, pediatric surgeons, ultrasonographers, pathologists, emergency physicians) were arranged from 2008 to 2020.

The life does exist after the liver transplantation! Numerous successful transplantations in children are the evidence! The first liver transplantations in children were performed in Belgium in 1984. The first patients, who have been operated over 37 years ago, are still alive – they have grown up, have been educated, and now have their own families and interesting jobs. Liver transplantation is not just a survival, but a chance for a normal and worth living.

Our Charity arranges fundraising for treatment and liver transplantation for children of different age and origin. All specific and non-specific fund receipts are fully spent on payment of medications and accommodation of the patients.

The volunteers who are the Charity members do not get any salary.

Non-commercial organization “The Belgium Association of the Russian Schools” has undertaken the Charity’s administration costs.

Belgium Charity bank details:


in care of ACB Renaissance a.i.s.b.l.
Аddress: Belgielei 49-53

International money transfers:

IBAN: BE47 9731 2394 1580
BIC (SWIFT) in euro zone EU: ARSPBE 22